Daimler Semi-Autonomous TuSimple Truck

From time to time, Transit Risk Management gives presentation on Cargo Safety. We often get question on self-driving trucks. In our opinions, self-driving truck project still needs a lot of research and development, considering that safety is paramount to its operation.

Enter Semi-Autonomous Trucks.

Daimler showed off its TuSimple Semi-Autonomous Truck.

Daimler has been recruiting Artificial Intelligent engineers, and undoubtedly help create TuSimple Truck.

2019 Rate Schedule

Our 2019 survey and investigation rates for assignments in the US and Canada remain the same as 2018 (surveys: $110/hr; investigations: $125/hr)

As of 1/1/19 our rates for surveys and investigations handled in Mexico, Central and South America have been revised to $150/hr. or a pre-agreed budget.