Cargo Theft Statistic for Q3 2017

From Commercial Carrier Journal:

The most-stolen products during the quarter were building and industrial products, accounting for 19 percent of total thefts in the quarter with an average loss value of $66,418. Food and drinks and home and garden products tied for second-most stolen products at 18 percent each.

Also from the article:

SensiGuard says Texas beat out California for the state with the most reported cargo theft incidents in the quarter, accounting for 24 percent of all thefts – a 105 percent increase over the second quarter. California also accounted for 24 percent of thefts nationwide, followed by Florida, Georgia and New Jersey at 9 percent each.

Worth noting that Transit Risk Management HQ is located in Southern California with satellite offices in Texas and Florida.

Commercial Carrier Journal’s headline reads: “Cargo thefts up in third quarter”
The article is comparing statistics from Q3 to Q2 in 2017; which does not take into account seasonal pattern. We feel it is more appropriate to compare quarterly statistic year-over-year. As we are approaching the Holiday Season, there are generally more merchandise being transported compared to different times of the year.