Who are we

Established in 2003.

Experience the excellence of our proficient team, comprising seasoned Surveyors, Adjusters, Private Investigators, Retired Law Enforcement (Federal/State/Local/Highway Patrol), and IT Forensics specialists. We extend our capabilities with Industry Counsels, Forensic CPAs, and Experts from various fields, providing unmatched expertise for your investigative needs.

Our mission

Minimize risk and protect assets

Core Values: Honesty / Integrity /Excellence

Transit Risk Management is dedicated to providing effective and efficient risk management and loss control solutions in the transportation, warehousing and logistics industry.

Our mission is “To optimize performance and minimize vulnerabilities by utilizing our expertise in risk assessment and mitigation strategies.” We pride ourselves on building partnerships with our clients to ensure a tailored approach that meets their unique needs. By constantly evolving and innovating our risk management approach, we strive to provide specialized solutions that address the evolving risks in the transportation industry.

Our focus is to create a safer and more secure transportation environment for our clients and their insureds, while also reducing costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Our Team

Our teams’ expertise dates beyond our 20-year company history, with our lead surveyor and investigator each possessing 48 years of experience. We have established a vast network of industry resources and relationships with cargo theft task forces. Due to the diversity of our members, we are able to communicate and offer our services in many different languages, locations and cultures. 

In addition to the team members listed, we have over 40 field surveyors and investigators throughout the US and Latin America as well as key associates in parts of UK / Europe and China.

Sam Wadhwani
Jeff Hall
Adrian Rosales
Surveyor / Investigator

(English, Spanish)

Curtis Salisbury
North~Latin America Investigator

Latin America
(English, Portuguese and Spanish)

Jonathan Haider
Senior Surveyor
Ivona Szudelski
Jacky Rodriguez
Office Support

(English, Spanish)